Our mission is supporting DMC to distribute online

Our technology allows Provider digitally distribute their tours inside our online Marketplace and in the booking engines of their Tour Operator customers connected via API. In these cases the new products, new seasonal prices and any other update loaded by the Provider are immediately available for the Buyers and also for their customers (normally travel agencies, but possibly also the final customer). This great step ahead in the distribution of multi-day tours can be easily achived by invited DMCs maintaining the product up-to-date in our database.
If you don't have an multi-day tour API, you can load the services inside our web application, a professional tour manager and a tour channel manager software. Publishing your travel services or just your Tours in any digital platform is a very time-consimung task, especially with some softwares. Our application on the contrary is considered by our partners easy-to-use, although very professional. 

Our Team's main goal is supporting travel organization employes and managers to "go LIVE" and to elettronically distribute their travel services.  We understand that our know-how can make the difference and so we are committed to always support every Provider. During the onboarding process and after its Tours (eventually, with other travel products) are published through our B2B Channels.

We have implemented easy-to-follow Training procedures to make invited Provider comfortable in all steps needed to be listed online and every year our Team study your travel catalog to make sure it is loaded correctly and in the most attractive way inside the system. If needed, we also drive our Providers throughout all the differences between traditional and online distribution, providing suggestions and tips about these and other topics:

  • how to organize the catalogue for the online distribution,
  • how to handle the pricing for increasing products online visibility,
  • how to manage the programs and the content to improve the chances of beeing pubblished on Buyers portals,

We strongly believe that the investment worth the time and so we will always suggest to be in full controll of your online operations and content, but we are well aware that often incoming operator Teams do not have even time to learn and study new tools, so we also offer custom Data entry packages upon request.
The ultimate target is maximizing the conversions in terms of active channels, sales and positive interactions, by using our Data entry services you can do so, reducing the time-to-market and the work load of your Team all at once.


Our human factor in support of your online Distribution