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Terms and Conditions

Only authorized Buyers are allowed to see the detailed information about the Providers of Community.Travel, request them a direct connection, send inquiries and perform booking of their travel services.

To become a Buyer of Community.Travel, you are invited to accept the following terms and contitions for worldwide travel Organizers , from now on referred to as “BUYER Agreement”.


- Adalte srl and Adalte LLC (from now on referred to as "Adalte") develop and maintain the Adalte Travel Platform content management system, a reservation and booking online system, which allows any Travel Organization to populate a dedicated database and distribute its travel services through the web (from now on referred as "CMS").
- Any Travel Organization using the CMS (from now on referred to as "PROVIDER") or connected to the CMS by API (hereinafter referred as "API PROVIDER"), is a Partner of Adalte and can optionally decide to participate to www.Community.Travel, the "Travel sharing Marketplace " promoted by Adalte (from now on also referred to as "MARKETPLACE") which allows to exchange and distribute, among Partners and to third parties, Tour packages and other Travel services (hereinafter also referred to as "SERVICES")
- MARKETPLACE SERVICES are distributed to worldwide B2B (Business to Business) resellers, which includes Tour Operators, Travel Networks, Destination Management Companies and Global Wholesalers without geographical limits (from now on referred to as "BUYERS").
- BUYERS is allowed to send a "direct connection" proposal to the Provider for each one of its websites, applications and apps rented or owned by BUYER (all together hereinafter referred to as "BUYERS Channels").
- The PROVIDER is free to accept the direct connection to the Channel of the requesting BUYER or to ignore the cooperation proposal coming from the BUYER.
- If not differently agreed between the BUYER and the PROVIDER, MARKETPLACE BUYER has access to the PROVIDER's prices and contact data, only after the PROVIDER has accepted to enable the "direct connection" with at least one of its Channels.
- A PROVIDER can also be a BUYER by reselling SERVICES purchased from other PROVIDERS, for example when creating bookings with multiple SERVICES, only partially owned.
- Adalte owns the website www.adalte.com and marketplace.adalte.com (from now on referred to as "Adalte Websites"), which are promoting PROVIDERS and facilitating the distribution of MARKETPLACE SERVICES through all the BUYERS Channels.
- Adalte classifies the PROVIDERS interested by the present BUYER Agreement in "PREMIUM", "GUEST" and "ON DEMAND" PROVIDERS:
.    PREMIUM PROVIDER, if not differently agreed with Adalte, must take full responsibility of directly performing all "Data entry" information, including for example the creation of the SERVICES and the Stop sales management, and the "Booking management", which includes, for example, booking amendment and voucher setup operations through its CMS.
.    GUEST PROVIDER, at least must take full responsibility of Stop sales management inside its CMS and accept Adalte automatic email as a valid Confirmation, Amendment and Cancellation notice from the BUYER.
.    ON DEMAND PROVIDER must only accept the Adalte automatic email as a valid Confirmation, Amendment and Cancellation notice from the BUYER.

In order to become a BUYER, you have to accept the following conditions and operations procedures by signing the present BUYER Agreement.

Adalte undertakes vis-à-vis the PROVIDER as follows:
1.1.    To dedicate the maximum effort to:
1.1.1.    to increase the number of registered PROVIDERS;
1.1.2.    to perform random quality control inspections also after the SERVICES before and after the SERVICES are published for the first time;
1.1.3.    to prevent any wrong Data entry related to Service, including descriptions, prices, conditions and any other information which can be loaded inside the CMS;
1.1.4.    to prevent any incorrect operation or action or information related to the "Booking" management;
1.1.5.    to coordinate the MARKETPLACE operations between the PROVIDERS and the BUYERS, when needed;
1.1.6.    to protect the privacy of all BUYER's data, loaded inside the CMS or communicated to Adalte, as described inside its Privacy Policy;
1.1.7.    to act with the maximum diligence when operating on behalf of GUEST and ON DEMAND PROVIDERS, which are allowed not to perform "Data entry" and/or "Booking" operations;
1.1.8.    to perform inside CMS the opportune modifications needed by SERVICES already published inside the MARKETPLACE, within two working days from the receipt of PROVIDER communication;
1.1.9.    to perform inside CMS the opportune amendments of existing Bookings inside the MARKETPLACE, within one working day, from the receipt of PROVIDER communication.
1.2.    To consider all PROVIDERS equal inside the MARKETPLACE and, when needed to assign a priority to the Providers by using only the PROVIDER classification and/or the "MARKETPLACE Score", which is calculated considering the standards offered by each company to all BUYERS, the responsibilities taken by each PROVIDER inside the MARKETPLACE and the BUYER feedbacks received by Adalte.
1.3.    To always act as a “super partes” actor when is involved in data entry and booking operations or is requested to provide its opinion on a claim or a contentious situation between two or more MARKETPLACE Partners.
1.4.    To guarantee the loading and the maintenance inside the CMS of a selection of Tours for each GUEST  and ON DEMAND PROVIDER.
1.5.    To immediately take action, by suspending BUYERS not respecting the "Buyers Agreement" or reported by more than one PROVIDER as insolvent.
1.6.    To immediately take action, by suspending PROVIDERS not respecting the "Provider Agreement" or reported by more than two BUYERS as not trustable in terms of quality of the services provided or business model adopted.
1.7.    To promptly inform the BUYER if the characteristics of the PROVIDERS types defined by Adalte and described in the present BUYER Agreement significantly change.

2.1.    BUYER, if not differently agreed with PROVIDER, must take full responsibility of all services reserved and of all information provided about travellers, including for example the name of the passengers or the age of the children.

2.2.    BUYER is invited to sign a direct agreement with each PROVIDER and if no agreement is in place between parties the BUYER accepts to:
2.2.1.    accept the default "B2B selling price" (the worldwide or market dedicated B2B net or gross rate. In case of gross rate the commission will be not know by Adalte and so it will not be take into considearion inside the CMS);
2.2.2.    accept the default SERVICES (so all enabled SERVICES included into the "Default Inventory" of each service type), with the related spaces and availabilities (allotments);
2.2.3.    accept the default Payment policies defined by the PROVIDER;
2.2.4.    provide detailed information about each possible claim or issue which has been not satisfactory handled by a PROVIDER;
2.2.5.    inform customers about which are the languages available for the 24H customer support on site;
2.2.6.    if not differently stated in the booking, provide the travelers with the vouchers issued through the CMS as the valid document for travelling or generate your own vouchers making sure that all information provided in the Adalte voucher are correctly reported on yours at the time of the delivery to the Travelers;
2.2.7.    carefully read all booking details and if available the "day by day" program, informing passengers about all critical situations, including for example, supplement on site, services included and not included, meeting points, terms and conditions and cancellations policies;
2.2.8.    protect the image of the PROVIDER, when interacting with Travelers for any reason;
2.3.    BUYER accepts to consider Adalte not responsible for all Data Entry and Booking Management operations, incorrectly performed or not performed on time, inside the CMS by Adalte when operating on behalf of any PROVIDER;
2.4.    The BUYER agrees that its Company name and/or Logo:
2.4.1.    can be displayed, together with a description of its business, in the MARKETPLACE BUYER page and other pages of Adalte websites;
2.4.2.    can be included by Adalte in marketing actions or communications exclusively organized to promote the MARKETPLACE.

3.1.    BUYER can choose to send a cooperation proposal to the PROVIDER through the CMS and is aware that the channel will be enabled only if PROVIDER accept the new cooperation.
3.2.    Excluding possible exceptions, only PREMIUM PROVIDERS have exclusive access to the full list of BUYERS and can require any BUYER to start a direct cooperation.

4.1.    The travel services become immediately available to be published by BUYER as soon as the PROVIDER enable the Channel.
4.2.    When PROVIDER performed the Data entry, loaded SERVICES have to pass a (random) quality inspection which takes into account the information completeness and fairness of the prices entered by the PROVIDER, in reference to what is stated in the present BUYER Agreement and the information about SERVICES that PROVIDER must have previously made available for Adalte.
4.3.    PROVIDER is always invited to check how the SERVICES appear inside the search engines provided for testing purposes by Adalte after that SERVICES have been loaded inside the CMS, especially when Adalte has performed the Data entry. However the BUYER is invited to immediately advise marketplace@adalte.com in case of Services with possible incorrect information displayed.
4.4.    BUYERS are allowed to submit manual requests to PROVIDERS when the SERVICES they needed to book or quote are not published. PROVIDER, if requested by BUYER, must add the new SERVICES to its inventory or to a new booking through the CMS or communicate to Adalte the information needed to create the booking or upload the services inside the CMS.

5.1.    CMS allow PROVIDERS to add all information needed for allowing a smooth booking online experience to the end-user. However, BUYER is invited to carefuly check that all critical information are correctly stated inside the booking and the travel documents, at least 72 hours before that those files have to be released to customers.
5.2.    BUYERS are allowed to submit manual requests to PROVIDERS when the SERVICES they needed to complete a booking are not published. PROVIDER, if requested by BUYER, must add the SERVICES to an existing booking through the CMS or communicate to Adalte the information needed to create or amend the booking.
5.3.    BUYER is required to make sure any modification to SERVICES already booked, including for example properties updates or itinerary changes, is communicated to the customer as soon as known.
5.4.    BUYER is required to make sure that any travel document provided to the travellers will respect the information confirmed at the time of the order or after the amendments agreed between parties.
5.5.    BUYER is required to make sure that any travel document provided to the travellers will respect the information confirmed at the time of the order or after the amendments agreed between parties.
5.6.    All PROVIDERS agree to consider the automatic email generated by the Booking engine as a valid confirmation or cancellation communication from the BUYER. Any exception will be promptly communicated.
5.7.    Vouchers are released depending by the rules defined by the PROVIDER.

6.1.    Adalte strongly believes in respect for the Privacy, so BUYER is invited to thoroughly read and understand the Adalte Privacy Policy, which intends to explain how we operate to protect the Privacy of personal and other data loaded inside the CMS or managed by Adalte staff.
6.2.    The BUYER, every time accesses personal data of Travelers and personal or contact data and logo of PROVIDERS, shall handle them only and exclusively in order to execute its work, and not with other aims, that could potentially harm PROVIDERS’ and/or Travelers’ and/or Adalte Websites’ interests.
6.3.    The BUYER is not allowed to communicate to third parties any information about the prices or the contact data of any PROVIDER. 
6.4.    The BUYER's CMS credentials and all the BUYER data available inside the CMS are always a property of the BUYER, who is responsible for them.
6.5.    BUYER authorizes Adalte to access to its CMS, for modifying the content every time PROVIDER or BUYER communicates new information about a booking.

7.1.    The total amount of all SERVICES booked inside a single Booking is always directly due to the PROVIDER supplying the SERVICES.
7.2.    BUYER is invited to make sure to perform the payments always on time. Omitting to perform a Payment to a PROVIDER, if reported to Adalte by the PROVIDER,  may cause the suspension of the BUYER's priviledges. If at least two PROVIDERS make the report, BUYER's priviledges are immediately suspended.
7.3.    Adalte is entitled to remind a BUYER to pay an amount due to a PROVIDER, if the PROVIDER requests it.

8.1.    PROVIDER is requested to pay to Adalte the fees described inside the Attachment #1 of the present BUYER Agreement.
8.2.    Adalte invoices the amounts due by BUYER for its MARKETPLACE participation following the Payment terms of the General Conditions accepted when registering its CMS account on Adalte Websites.
8.3.    Variable Adalte Fees do not apply in case of bookings generating claim or price issues if exceeding for more than 8% the PROVIDER's B2B selling price and if due to wrong data loaded into the CMS or extraordinary events eventually identified by Adalte.
8.4.    Variable Adalte Fees do not apply in case of bookings generating claim or price issues if due to wrong data loaded into the CMS by Adalte.

9.1.    The General Conditions for using the CMS of Adalte describe the liability of Adalte regarding the use of the CMS by the BUYER. 
9.2.    The liability of Adalte regarding the MARKETPLACE operations is only limited to allowing the correct execution of the CMS operations among PROVIDERS and BUYER which are cooperating through the Marketplace or are interested searching new cooperations.
9.3.    Adalte, except for what stated at point 6.1 and 8.4, is never responsible in front of PROVIDERS or BUYERS or other third parties involved for:
9.3.1.    any loss of profit or business.
9.3.2.    any Service Data entry, including descriptions, prices, conditions or any other information which have been incorrectly loaded by Adalte when operating on behalf of the PROVIDER inside the CMS;
9.3.3.    any operation or action or information related to Bookings incorrectly managed by Adalte when operating on behalf of the PROVIDER inside the CMS;
9.3.4.    any late or missed Data Entry or Booking input, even if communicated by PROVIDER or BUYER.

10.1.    Adalte is allowed to modify the present Agreement by providing an immediate and detailed notice to the BUYER.
10.2.    Modifications can also be deemed to be immediately effective.
10.3.    BUYER, if not objecting or agreeing on different conditions with Adalte, accepts the introduced changes under the principle of “tacit approval".

11.1.    After the signature of the present BUYER Agreement, it becomes immediately effective from the moment you first access your Providers page.
11.2.    This BUYER Agreement stays valid until the BUYER decides to conclude it.
11.3.    In case Adalte notices any act, whether fraudulent or not, executed by the BUYER against the principles of the present Agreement, is free to suspend the the BUYER from the Marketplace, at any time and without the duty of notice.
11.4.    In case of illegal information or of repeated inaccurate or misleading information communicated, Adalte is allowed to suspend, at any time and without notice, the activity of the BUYER inside the MARKETPLACE.
11.5.    Adalte has the right to conclude this BUYER Agreement only in case a suspended BUYER does not cooperate to accomplish, within 30 days from the receipt or any other time agreed, with the requirements or the indications communicated by Adalte.
11.6.    If the present Agreement is concluded and no contract is in place between parties, the PROVIDERS guarantee the SERVICES already confirmed by the former BUYER and at the same time the former BUYER must perform all related payments on time.
11.7.    If the present Agreement is concluded, BUYER remains chargeable for any fee due to Adalte and not yet invoiced.






Yearly fee
Applicable to API BUYER, if not differently agreed between parties

- Fee applied yearly, per each travel service for all channels enabled inside the CMS: 7750 €

Monthly fee
Applicable to all BUYERS, if not differently agreed between parties, with the exception of API BUYERS

- Fix Fee applied per year per all PROVIDERS: 590 €

Variable fee
Applicable to all BUYERS, if not differently agreed between parties.

- Percentage fee applied on each reservation made by BUYERS: 2%
The customers of Adalte have special discounted rates based on their Plan.